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Personal health insurance and drug plans

Personal health insurance

Tired of paying for routine, day-to-day health care expenses out of your own pocket? With the affordable, flexible coverage offered by Go Benefits you’ll gain the added confidence of knowing that many of your health-related expenses, both routine and unexpected, will be covered. Plans offer you coverage for prescription drugs, dental services or a combination of both. Some plans also include vision care, emergency travel coverage and a wide range of extended health care benefits, such as registered specialists and therapists, hearing aids, homecare and nursing, and more.

New Brunswick drug plans – the Go Benefits advantage

When people have access to the prescription drugs they need to manage disease or prevent or treat illness, they’re healthier. They take less time off work. They visit emergency rooms less. They’re less likely to be hospitalized. A patient is in a financial position to follow his doctor’s orders. The province of New Brunswick estimates 70,000 families have no drug coverage and are not eligible for existing provincial coverage for people on social assistance.

The New Brunswick government has unveiled a major new social program, a prescription drug coverage plan, which it calls the most important piece of health legislation since the introduction of medicare. The plan is designed to cover drugs for people who don’t have insurance through their employers. But the government’s rates are based entirely on family income and offer no flexibility options or additional benefits to meet your unique needs. And it is expensive. By choosing Go Benefits, you will have enhanced choices and better rates than the government plan.