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Assured Access

As we age our health often deteriorates, making it difficult to be approved for the health care coverage we may need later in live. Assured Access protects your eligibility for health benefits. Once you qualify medically for this plan, you don’t have to qualify again for health coverage if you lose your group health benefits. Assured Access allows you and your family to move into the Options Plus plan, which has extensive drug, hospital, travel and health benefits.

Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance is designed to provide insurance coverage for your entire lifetime. With this type of coverage, you have the dual security of knowing that while your premiums will never change, in the event of your death, your beneficiaries will receive the policy benefit tax-free.

Health Insurance

On pretty much every comparison against the government enforced plan, Go Benefits rates are better. And will added benefits and optional available - Go Benefits should be your first choice for Health coverage in New Brunswick.